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Aftermath: Hurricane Irma 2017


Greater Yellowstone & Grand Teton NP Gallery

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New England Fall 2015


Highlights - A Little Bit of Everything

Parallel Stereoviews  Cross-Eyed Stereoviews  Anaglyphs


Grand Canyon


3D Video Clip Page

Streaming 3D-HD Video Clips:
Loxahatchee   2011 Day of the Dead Parade
Hyatt Family Extreme Christmas



Florida Renaissance Festival

2016:  Multiple 3D Image Formats Flash-Based Gallery HTML5 Gallery

2015:  Multiple 3D Image Formats Flash-Based Gallery HTML5 Gallery

2014:  Multiple 3D Image Formats Flash-Based Gallery HTML5 Gallery

2013:  Multiple 3D Image Formats Flash-Based Gallery HTML5 Gallery

2012:  Multiple 3D Image Formats Flash-Based Gallery
HTML5 Gallery
3D Video Clips (Streaming & SBS Downloads)

2011:  Multiple 3D Image Formats Flash-Based Gallery

3D Video Clips (Parallel)

2010: Parallel Stereoviews  Cross-Eyed Stereoviews
Anaglyphs (Red/Cyan)
  Anaglyphs (Yellow/Blue)
3D Video Clips (Parallel)

2009: Parallel Stereoviews  Cross-Eyed Stereoviews
Anaglyphs (Red/Cyan)
ColorCode  3D Video Clips (Parallel)

2008: Parallel Stereoviews  Cross-Eyed Stereoviews
Anaglyphs (Red/Cyan)
 3D Video Clips (Parallel & Anaglyph)

2007: Parallel Stereoviews  Cross-Eyed Stereoviews
 Anaglyphs (Red/Cyan)
 3D Video Clips (Parallel & Anaglyph)

2006: Parallel Stereoviews  Cross-Eyed Stereoviews
Anaglyphs (Red/Cyan)

2005: Parallel Stereoviews  Cross-Eyed Stereoviews

2004: Parallel Stereoviews  Anaglyphs (Red/Cyan)



2009 Key West FantasyFest

Please note before you click the link: THIS GALLERY IS FOR ADULTS ONLY AND IS NSFW 




Passion Flowers

Parallel Stereoviews  Cross-Eyed Stereoviews


P. Incense



Flash-Based Gallery HTML5 Gallery

For viewing all stereo formats
Note: these are large files



Rwanda Safari

Parallel Stereoviews  Cross-Eyed Stereoviews
 Anaglyphs (Red/Cyan)




Parallel Stereoviews  Cross-Eyed Stereoviews



Hurricane Wilma
Destruction in Fort Lauderdale 

Parallel Stereoviews  Cross-Eyed Stereoviews
Anaglyphs (Red/Cyan)



Hurricane Katrina
Category 1 Storm -
One Month Before Hurricane Wilma 

Anaglyphs (Red/Cyan)


2004 Italian Renaissance Festival - Miami

Parallel Stereoviews  Anaglyphs (Red/Cyan)



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