Clips have been uploaded only in the parallel stereo format for quality purposes; some video codecs
deteriorate the stereo quality of anagyphs. To view other formats, I recommend downloading Bino,  StereoMovie Player, or
Stereoscopic Player. In these programs you can open the parallel file and view as cross-eyed, anaglyph, etc.

Except where noted for newer, longer files, all clips are in AVI format and require the XviD codec for viewing.
(Right click on link to download.)


 2012 RenFest 3D Videos

2012 Florida Renaissance Festival Video Clip Collection

Streaming 3D
Video Clip 

Hyatt Family Extreme Christmas

 2011 RenFest Videos

2011 Florida Renaissance Festival Video Clip Collection

Streaming 3D-HD
Video Clip 



Streaming 3D
Video Clip 

2011 Camelot Days


Streaming 3D-HD
Video Clip

2011 Day of the Dead Parade

2009 Camelot Days:
Adrian Empire Swordplay (HD)

Parallel (50.1 M)




RenFest 2009:
Jacobs Ladder (2:12)
Remastered 8/28/10

Parallel (110 M)

Streaming (Multiple 3D Modes)


2009 Camelot Days:
Lotus Dancers (HD)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
(Approx 61 M Each)




2009 Key West
Fantasy Fest Parade:
Complete Clip Collecton




RenFest 2009:
Wonderfool Flaming Kiss

Parallel (71.8 M)



RenFest 2007:
Matt Zoppe Juggles (:34)
(Remastered 4/2009)

Parallel (66 M)

Streaming (Multiple 3D Modes)


RenFest 2007:
Cavallo Equestrian Arts (:46)
(Remastered 4/2009)


Parallel (86.4 M)

RenFest 2008:
Royal Dance Lessons

Parallel (25.8 M)


RenFest 2007:
Washing Well Wenches (2:49)

Parallel (26.2 M)


Saffron Finch: Bologna Sandwich

Parallel Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
(79.2 M Total)


RenFest 2007: Broon
Juggles Bowling Balls (1:12)

Anaglyph (8.8 M)

Parallel (15.1 M)

RenFest 2008:

Anaglyph Part 1 Part 2
(58.8 M Total)

Parallel Part 1 Part 2
(75.3 M Total)


Michael Bittner - Fort Lauderdale, Florida